At Peace with The Elements

I love the sea, I grew up next to it. Sailing boats are a thing of beauty for me, the way they move when under sail, the sound of the wind in the rigging as the bow kisses the waves. Hands on the wheel, sails taken in and let out as you play with the wind to find that perfect spot, poetry in motion, when the boat comes alive and surges forward as if pushed onwards by an invisible hand. There is something about sailing into the wide open void of the ocean, being out of sight of land, that brings a complete sense of your place in the universal order of things, not that we are too small to be important, but that we are a part of the universal whole.

Sailing Away

Sailing Away

Into The Void

Into The Void

2 thoughts on “At Peace with The Elements

  1. You are really very lucky as you have grew up next to the sea. I am from mountain of Himalya and have grown up watching snow clad mountains of mighty Himalya. Although I have always dreamt to have a house facing beautiful beach and sea.

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