Syria: War and Refugees

This page is a collection of links to my opinion pieces, interviews and pictures in my blog all related to  a month I spent in Syria and another month visiting refugee camps in Jordan and Lebanon.

Syria: Is the situation about to change?

Legal report into torture and execution of Syrians by the government

Syria: Why Geneva talks will not work

A brief history of the Syrian revolution until now

Syrian women: Their suffering and endurance

The Middle East & the Geo-political games being played in Syria

Al-Qaeda The USA and Syria

Interview with Firas Tlass the son of Syrian ex Defense Minister Mustafa Tlass

Syrian chemical weapons. What does the new deal mean?

President Obama’s speech about about Syrian intervention

Syria: USA intervention, Russia and Iran

Syria: USA intervention, Russia and Iran part 2

Syria: Pandora’s box opened?

Photo: Horse and driver in the old town of Aleppo, Syria

What if Bashar al Assad and Iran were to win the war in Syria?

Interview with Zaid Tlass. Defected senior air-force commander Nephew of ex Defense Minister Mustafa Tlass

Syria: The answers to some questions

Video: A close up perspective on Syria

Photo: Child of war, Aleppo, Syria

Photo: Documenting Syria

Assad just announced he will hand over chemical weapons. What does it mean?

Some info about the ‘FSA’ fighters being trained and equipped by the USA in Jordan

Photo: Arabian eyes

An Insight

The first ever public picture of….

Video: So young yet with so much power

Photo: The children of Zaatari

Photo: These boots are a silent memorial


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