ISIS in Iraq and Syria. Who is it good for?

I know that many will disagree with what I am about to write here but I want to give you another point of view to think about. When you dig under the surface of what ISIS is doing you will see it is of huge benefit to certain countries.

When I talk to contacts in the middle east, all come to the conclusion that Iran is behind the incredible growth and expansion of ISIS. Kurdish media also agrees that it has Iranian backing (Kurdish News Article in English)

ISIS began their expansion in Syria, mostly in the north and east of the country. When the Free Syrian Army fought back against them in the winter, many ISIS fighters ran for cover in Syrian regime held areas before they were able to fight back and regain lost territory. Also, what is interesting is the fact that ISIS are not trying to push towards Damascus, rather they are trying to take over territory held by the FSA. They also paint their headquarters with their colours and have huge flags waving above, yet not once have they been bombarded by the Syrian airforce. So many of my contacts in Syria have told me about this. There is a lot of circumstantial evidence coming from the modus operandi of ISIS, that it is working in collaboration with the Syrian government, which itself is backed by Iran. If ISIS is collaborating with Bashar al Assad and Iran is his main supporter then there must be a connection, ISIS have to get their funding from somewhere and Saudi Arabia will not support a group which is helping Assad.

Then we come to Iraq. The Shia majority government of Nouri Maliki is known to have very close ties to Iran. The last few years have been spent buying the latest military hardware from the USA so that it could defend itself after the US army fully withdrew. On paper it has, or should I now say had, a standing army of about 900,000, yet when fewer than 10,000 ISIS fighters advanced on Mosul, the second city of Iraq, they fled, leaving behind all their equipment and bases. They didn’t even try to resist, despite the huge advantage in numbers and weapons. Then at this time of crisis the government couldn’t even get enough votes to declare an official state of emergency. Neither did they ask the Kurds to send their well armed and experienced Peshmerga forces to help. Everything about this is suspicious. Considering how close Maliki is to Iran could it be that it was all a plan, a way of being able to arm ISIS with all the latest military hardware?

But why would Iran, which is Shia, help an extremist Sunni group? The answer is simple, to create havoc and chaos in Sunni dominated areas. Over time you will see that ISIS will not concentrate on trying to capture Shia areas. Baghdad is mixed between Sunni and Shia so they may try to take it but it is unlikely. However, the south-east of Iraq is by far majority Shia, I will be very surprised if they try to push into this part of the country. It will give a further strong indication that they are working with Iran.

Of course, to keep up appearances, Iran will make a show of helping Iraq to resist ISIS but it is more likely that Iraqi Sunni militias will be created from the remains of the army and other groups. It will end up similar to Syria, where the FSA while fighting the government, is also spending a lot of time trying to fight back against ISIS. The entire region will descend into a state of perpetual conflict, with only the Shia areas of Iraq remaining quiet. This is what Iran wants. The danger of using a proxy such as ISIS is that you have to keep control of it. Has Iran got ISIS on a short enough leash? Time will tell.

The question that comes to my mind is why has this happened now? The simple answer is oil, or rather the price of oil. Over the last year, oil has spent a lot of time below $110 per barrel often closer to $105. The chaos created by ISIS has pushed the price up to $113 at the moment. Iran and Russia are very close, Russia has been using a lot of its cash reserves to prop up its banking system as capital flight increases, people and businesses are taking their money out of Russia. Oil and gas are the main sources of income for the Russian economy but it needs a price of about $117 per barrel to have enough to top up its cash reserves and keep the economy going. Could it be that Iran has arranged events in Iraq to help its closest ally Russia? Of course this helps all oil-producing countries but the main benefactor is Russia, it is desperate for cash and the events in Iraq could not have come at a better time. Iran also benefits greatly, the war in Syria has cost it a fortune as it supports Bashar al Assad, extra money is always needed. Of course Saudi Arabia also benefits but they already have a mountain of cash, the increased income while welcome will not really change anything for them.

As I said in my previous post, Saudi Arabia is attempting to improve relations with Iran. It can see the coming tsunami of chaos which is about to engulf the region, I think it finally understands that Iran has the upper hand in what is going on. As a result I think we will see a deal between Saudi Arabia and Iran with regards to Syria, they will settle on a division of the country. In return Saudi will get assurances that ISIS will not invade, this has to be one of their greatest fears. ISIS could make havoc, especially as it now has a huge amount of modern American made military hardware. This all depends on Iran maintaining control over ISIS, if it loses control then all bets are off.

13 thoughts on “ISIS in Iraq and Syria. Who is it good for?

  1. I am so pleased my country insists on arming people as aid. Every single time we’ve done it we’ve ended up with gang wars back here. So stupid.

    I understand helping people, but the more I read history the less I support armament as assistance. Food, okay, guns? No. No more.

    You get yourself into a firefight, tough it out. We’re fixing our schools and bettering our own military. We’ll trade with someone else until you’ve cleared away the bombs and bodies. No more.

    No more dead Americans saving gun toting lunatics. We’re sending our people to build homes and parks and gardens and hospitals from now on.

    I am so over this radical bullshit.

  2. Let us see how crazy this gets. So far there has been nothing but crazy and loony politics. It is all power and greed, and always a war. Only God knows the direction and outcome. Stay tuned!

    • Hi Bob. The craziness is just getting warmed up. As you say, God only knows exactly how things are going to unwind but there are a lot of indications. Events will take on a life of their own. Politicians have no idea of the beast they have created.

      • I can hardly wait for elections. I will be voting! I do not believe the lies. Leading from behind he has not only left his own country (if the US is his chosen country) but devistated other countries with false promises. These days my only peace is through prayer. Of course blogging as well. I assume you are a man of faith. I have never been to the east (excepting Albania) so truely do not understand the peoples and fractions that they have. THanks for the insights and Take Care.

      • One thing I have learnt on my travels is that people are people, wherever they are, the problem stem from their leaders, religious and political, who always mess things up. Travel the world and you will find that the vast majority of people want a quiet life, work, a home, a family and most importantly freedom, security and dignity.

        I understand your frustration but it doesn’t matter who is President, the system is more powerful than the person, therefore limiting any changes it is possible for them to make. If you want my honest opinion, the global political system is broken beyond repair. This too is part of the reason why I am a man of faith. Everything happening now is leading to an inevitable conclusion. Political leaders are no more than marionettes but they are too arrogant to see it.

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  4. A very eye opening article on how Iran is the winner in more than one way. Supporters of National Council of Resistance of Iran know it very well how the fascist regime of Mullahs of #Iran is behind creation of #ISIS and with more than three decades of exporting fundamentalism and terrorism to all nations of the #MiddleEast, how Iranian regime has become the monster that the #West and specially #USA could not imagine that their appeasement policies of past 30 years created such a monster that they don’t know how to get rid of it!

    • Iran and Syria played a clever game in strategically allowing the growth of ISIS (Daesh) But like any monster you create, keeping it from biting you is the challenge. The chaos we see in ME is just getting started.

      I’m not convinced the Iranian leadership is truly religious, rather they use religion as a way of controlling the masses, as the Popes used to do in Europe but in their personal lives were anything but Christian.

  5. Just like Zbigniew Brzezinsky has a plan for the US, so does Russia has its own plan – the Eurasian Union. Ideologist behind it is Dugin, Putin’s muse.

    Who will be members in Dugin’s Eurasian Union ? Of course, the republics of the CIS (former USSR) , as well as Iran, Iraq , Syria and Libya , which will allow Russia to take control of the Mediterranean.

    Think about this, and remember – Russia never acts openly, remember Crimea and the armed”local self-defence forces” who came heavily armed and did not say who they were.

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