Coming Soon. Video Interview with Syrian Revolutionary and Ex Fighter

Soon I will publish an interview with a Syrian who was deep inside, he fought against both the Syrian government as well as ISIS as the leader of his own brigade in Menbij in northern Syria as well as being very active at the political level in Menbij. We need to protect his identity but he was happy to talk to me. He is very candid about his role as well as his experience of how ISIS seems to be working with the Syrian government. He also explains how many Free Syrian Army brigades are controlled by foreign countries. In the end he quit the fight and explains why. There is about an hour of video to go through and edit as well as clean up the sound. I’m a photographer more than a videographer so please be a little patient with my work. Video interview coming soon, watch this space.

Interview with a Syria rebel

Interview with a Syrian rebel


8 thoughts on “Coming Soon. Video Interview with Syrian Revolutionary and Ex Fighter

  1. I know what you are saying about video’s. Photo’s first. That’s what makes you a pro, not to mention I like your stories/articles. Look forward to the vid post.

  2. Ignorance is the core of terrorism.Terrorist doesn’t want to admit he is weak , poor and brain washed religiously .For the last 14 century they have this goal to conquer the world before they agree with each other.

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