Part of a series I am creating called ‘Jump’

If you are wondering where the gorgeous backdrop to this picture was taken, it is from the top of Mt Lema looking down to Lugano and its lake. This is in Ticino, the Italian speaking part of Switzerland and very close to Italy. I have to say that this whole area is great for walking. That day a group of us walked from Mt Tamaro to Mt Lema. It is a 15k (12mile) hike up and down several peaks. The highest being over 2000m (6000ft) So if you are looking for somewhere new to explore and enjoy stunning views, this part of the world is well worth a visit.

Sunshine after the rain. The view from my window.

We have had some pretty horrible weather the last few days and finally the last of the rain cleared away earlier this morning, leaving the air so clear and the light so intense. I took this picture from my dining room window. The view isn’t bad and I love how the last of the cloud is sweeping away over the mountains.