The Next War?

The next war could well be in Lebanon. If it happens and it looks likely, it will not be a local war but a proxy war fought by Saudia Arabia (KSA) and Iran. KSA is spending billions of dollars on weapons from the USA and UK and not only for it’s on going war in Yemen. Israel will also support KSA in a proxy war against Hezbollah in Lebanon because of Hezbollah’s deep ties with Iran. Iran on the other hand has been buying weapon systems from Russia. Russia supports Bashar al Assad of Syria, who is very close to Iran.

Can you see where I’m going here? A potential proxy war inside a proxy war. KSA vs Iran, the Sunni, Shia divide, Israel happy to see Iran caught up in a long drawn out war, expending resources, its enemies being weakened and unable to support the Palestinian territories in Israel, so it can continue to take over their land. USA supporting KSA and Russia supporting Iran, as both fight for influence in the Middle East. And people wonder why the global political system is so broken. It is run on a thirst for power and influence.

Israel, your house is abandoned to you.

Israel, when I look at you today I see so many missed opportunities. You could have had it all but you threw it all away. Instead your hard heart and lack of faith has led you to the situation you are in today, alienated from יהוה, our Father and with no hope for the future and no chance of peace. It saddens me to write this because I too am descended from one of the twelve tribes.

In your heart you know that Jesus was and is the messiah but your scribes and pharisees rejected him because they wanted a political messiah to take you from under the dominion of Rome rather than accept him as a spiritual messiah and wait for יהוה to accomplish His will in His own time. Instead you were more afraid of losing your power over your fellow Israelites and the money you earnt from them and from the taxes you made from the money changers you permitted to sit in the Holy Temple. In your own corruption you saw that Jesus was illuminating the people to how far you had deviated from the Law and the people began to have their eyes opened. So you planned for him to be put to death by the Romans so you could protect your positions and power. You were too hypocritical to do the deed yourselves. Then when messiah was dead you rejoiced, not understanding that you had helped fulfil the biblical prophecy of how he would die as a sacrifice. Yet you still think you can be the chosen ones after this?

When the modern State of Israel was formed, was it done so in the name of יהוה who you claim to worship? No, in fact your constitution is purely secular, nothing more than a political entity, no different to any other country in the world. You still claim to be special, to be able to recognize messiah when he returns but please tell me how you will know him, that he is of the house of David, of the tribe of Judah when all the records were destroyed by the Romans when they sacked Jerusalem? יהוה used the Romans to destroy the Temple to show you were no longer his people as you had rejected His messiah. Messiah’s return will be to judge us all, including you Israel. What works have you done to prove your holiness? What faith have you shown in יהוה your Father? Instead you put your faith in bombs and guns and have forgotten the times when יהוה said ‘you will not need to fight this day but stand and watch your deliverance’

Israel, you are nothing. Your house is abandoned to you.

What if Bashar al Assad and Iran were to win the war in Syria?

Let’s say that Assad wins this war with Iran’s backing, what would happen?
The price would be virtually total control of the government in Damascus, even before the revolution Bashar had allowed Iranian influence into Syria much more than his father Hafez ever did. The Iranians aren’t helping Assad out of love. The have hegemonic ambitions to dominate the entire region. It is only with their help that Assad holds on to power, and they will also have the power to remove him if he doesn’t tow their line.

So the war is won. What next? It is clear that Assad would go on a killing spree, slaughtering everyone who he felt was in opposition to him. This would amount to millions of people. There is precedent, his father killed thousands in Hama back in the 80′s when they showed discontent with the regime. The next time will be on a much larger scale and he will have the help of the Iranians in this.

After this, when the clean up is finished, will be when Shia are encouraged to move to Syria and take over certain areas. Someone said that the Shia would be murdered if this were to happen, what you have to remember is that if Assad/Iran win this war there will be such an iron fist of control in the country that the situation before the revolution will seem like a happy time in comparison. The Shia with Iranian backing will in effect have more control in many ways than Assad. He would become no more than a figurehead and he wouldn’t have any choice in the matter. Under these circumstances it will be easy for many Shia to move into Syria.

The impact of all this is that Israel would now have many Shia on its border which effectively means that Tehran will now be next door to them. The balance of power and spheres of influence will have dramatically changed. Why else would Israel have directly armed the Sunni rebels when they were fighting Hezbollah close to its border if it doesn’t feel threatened by having Shia on its Eastern border?