Breathing with Two Lungs

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Starting wars are easy. Ending them is another story. While you know exactly how you are going to start the battle, you have not the foggiest idea how to end it. Israel wisely started out the operation in Gaza with limited goals but then as the dynamics of war took over other objectives began to present themselves. As the tunnels threat manifested in all its terrible glory, destroying these subterranean passages became objective no. 1. As Hamas fighters keep on crawling out of more and more tunnels, it has sadly become apparent that previous claims made by the IDF about full control over the tunnels were premature. Now we are told that dealing with the tunnels entails a much larger commitment. Where will it all end?

If you ask the warmongers in Netanyahu’s government, they’ll answer with a bellicose retort, something along the lines of: “we can’t stop now”, “we have…

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Hate rules the world

As a lifelong student of world history, religion, politics, economics and current affairs, I think it has to be said we have reached a point in human history from which there is no return. Wherever we look in the world we see division, selfishness, greed and hate. If one word could demonstrate the nature of the world we live in today then it would have to be the word sociopathic. The political, economic and religious systems that make up this world are all expressing the same sociopathy. By its very nature it is ultimately self destructive.

Consider the current situation in Israel. Hamas launching rockets from Gaza at Israel, so far not doing any real damage, Israel bombarding and killing about 120 people, many of them women and children. There is so much hate on either side, it will never be possible for there to be peace. Attitudes on both sides are so deeply entrenched, they are irreconcilable. Hate fills the air so strongly it could almost be cut with a knife. Politicians on either side have become dehumanized, both seeing the other side as little more than animals to be destroyed.

We see how politicians of so called democratic countries are increasingly polarised, refusing to cooperate for the common good. Society, even in the West has become tribal, no political group working with the other even if there is a good reason, for the reason that working with the other side is seen as almost traitorous. This includes the ordinary people driven by a me first attitude, who are coalescing into increasingly fragmented groups, competing instead of cooperating.

No longer is there any cohesion of society at any level, everything is based on selfishness. When you look at some of the major reasons why empires fall, it is because of such divisions. Today this is happening on a global scale. We have reached the inflexion point, the point at which everything changes.

There is an old expression: United we stand, divided we fall. The more divided human society becomes, the closer it comes to collapsing.

Even if there were some sort of global revolution tomorrow nothing would change. Power would corrupt those who take over and the bad would dominate the good as has always been the case. This quote from ancient times correctly testifies “man has dominated man to his injury”. I don’t think it has ever occurred to the majority of people that we simply don’t have the ability to govern ourselves, all of human history is testament to this. We have tried all forms of government and non of them work. As we can see there is a growing separation between governments and the people they are supposed to be governing. On the other hand people feel that their governments no longer represent them and have taken on a me first attitude as a way of trying to protect themselves. This simply leads to more fragmentation of society. A contributing factor to the downfall of many ancient empires was the breakdown of society. Today, in the “global village”, the effects will be much greater.

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