There is so much you can do with photography. Most of the time it is used in the style of photo-documentary, to record people or other scenes and by doing so find the art in the picture, an amazing landscape or interesting architecture. Then there is photo-journalism, which is obviously about telling a story, for instance, how people live in other parts of the world and of course documenting war. Without these types of photography we wouldn’t have the opportunity to see so many incredible images of different scenes and stories from around the world.

My problem was that I was getting bored with doing this sort of photography. It just felt as if I was always taking the same old type of picture. Don’t get me wrong, beautiful landscape is beautiful landscape as is interesting architecture or people, but I started feeling that I needed to create something different. A photo that doesn’t look like a photo, something more abstract or impressionistic. So this is what I have started doing as you can see in my last couple of posts. However, at the heart of every image is photography and the photographic understanding of light and its use. But this is just the starting point to then create an image that doesn’t appear to be created using a camera. I’m still developing my ideas and techniques. I’m also beginning to think about using photography as a basis to create pop art.

I can’t paint or draw in the way I would like to be able to to, I simply don’t have that talent. What I can do, is manipulate and use light in the creation of images, by doing so I am starting to be able to create abstract and impressionistic images that really appeal to my artistic side. Some will say that in the creation of my images that I am cheating but honestly I don’t care. One of the truths about art is that there are no rules. Photographers have been manipulating their images since the creation of the camera.

What do you think?