Syria: Why Geneva talks will not work.

On the surface it looks good that finally there is the opportunity to get the Syrian government and the opposition to sit down and talk. Iran have also been invited since they are basically in control of the Syrian government and are running the war. So what is the sticking point?

The main sticking point is Iran which is now in control of the Syrian government. Iran’s plans do not include giving up their glove puppet, Bashar al Assad or those closest to him. From everything that I understand, the rebels are prepared to talk to certain elements of the regime but there is a core of about 50 people who they feel are responsible for the massacre of innocent civilians, with these the rebels have no desire to negotiate, they need this core to step down as a final result of any international negotiations.

The talks in their current form are seen as only buying time for Bashar al Assad rather than being a serious forum to negotiate an end to a conflict that is making so many people suffer.

So the date set for the talks. Will they go ahead, I don’t know. But I am sure that political events are soon to get quite interesting.

Watch this space.