The first ever public picture of……

Palestinian General in the FSA.

Palestinian General in the FSA.

This is quite a symbolic picture. On the left is Abo Hafs (nome di guerre), he is sitting with Bashar al-Zoubi. Abo Hafs is a Palestinian and a General in the FSA in the Daraa region of Syria. In all the middle east, Palestinians are looked upon as second class citizens by the governments of the countries where they reside as refugees. Here we have a Palestinian who is viewed as an equal.He grew up in Syria and for him it is home. The people, not the Assad regime of Syria, are demonstrating that all are equal, no matter their background.


I really like this stair case. I shot it before as a single image but I decided that I would like to be able to make a large print of it but without losing definition. The only solution and also my first attempt was to re-shoot and create a vertorama, which is like a panorama but it is stood on its head. So I shot the staircase in sections and then combined them using software. Now I have a picture that can print 100cm x 150cm no problem 🙂



Yesterday the very good gallery, De Primi Fine Art in Lugano, said it would like to include some of my work in its next exhibition of photography. However I disagree with something the director said, that I should concentrate on only one style of photography. I’m an eclectic person, my passion is to create the images I like, depending on how I feel. The artist Russell cannot be recognized through only one style of photography.


Part of a series I am creating called ‘Jump’

If you are wondering where the gorgeous backdrop to this picture was taken, it is from the top of Mt Lema looking down to Lugano and its lake. This is in Ticino, the Italian speaking part of Switzerland and very close to Italy. I have to say that this whole area is great for walking. That day a group of us walked from Mt Tamaro to Mt Lema. It is a 15k (12mile) hike up and down several peaks. The highest being over 2000m (6000ft) So if you are looking for somewhere new to explore and enjoy stunning views, this part of the world is well worth a visit.



My friend Veronika resting on the grass after during a long walk in the mountains. What hit me was her position and hair. It reminded me of a girl I found who had been killed by a bomb blast. There were no external injuries but the blast destroyed her lungs even though she looked as if she was only sleeping. Seeing my friend in the same position and with her hair the same way made me flashback but at the same time it was if she had been resurrected and was only asleep.