A Selfie of a Different Nature

I had a bit of a creative spurt today creating this selfie.

Can you work out how it was made? No filters were involved.

A Selfie of a Different Nature

A Selfie of a Different Nature


Dark Skies Rising

Dark skies rolling over the land. A timelapse video made of over 2600 individual photographs.

Taking a risk

As I said in my last post I want to experiment more with abstract and impressionistic forms of photography. Well this is something that pushes the limits and to be honest I’m not sure how people will react. This picture I created is very experimental. The center photo in the picture shows the original photograph of part of a car-park. Then I used colourization and elements of some of my other abstract photos. As I said before this is an experiment, but I am really in the mood for trying new concepts at the moment. What do you think???