A Trick of The Light

Out for a walk today along a small lake. For some reason I was attracted to the algae on the surface along with the light reflections. Got the picture home, started playing with the contrast etc when the image took on a life of its own. Look at it, how many faces and skulls can you see? Just a trick of the light I know, but it made me stop. Is it me or does it look like Adolf Hitler’s head just to the right of my watermark? Tell me what you see 🙂

Trick of The Light

Trick of The Light

My book, a photographic documentary. Syria: Refugees & Rebels

Finally the book is ready. A photographic journey into Syria that looks at the lives of the people; refugees and rebels. They allowed me deep into their lives, the book is a photo documentary of all that I saw and experienced. You will understand the warmth and kindness of the people as they struggle to survive a brutal situation. As far as I am aware this is the first ever photo documentary book to be published about the situation in Syria. Buy the book and get your friends to buy it, in this way I will be able to go back to the refugee camps and continue my work. It is a high quality hardback, 91 page book with more than 100 colour and black & white photographs along with comments. The book will take you on a journey you have never experienced before. You can find my book here

Syria: Refugees & Rebels

So much happening, not sure what to write about first.

Enjoying a very warm winter day. There are a lot of things happening in the world, all of which are leading to a singular consequence. How best to eventually express this is the deepest thought that plays through my mind. Watch this space.

New material coming

I’m working on new material related to events of the last few days. It will be quite thought provoking. Watch this space. I’m in deep thought mode at the moment.

Space to think.

New exhibition

Syria: Facing the revolution.Opening of my exhibition on 15th November 2013. Syria: Facing the revolution: It features select photographs by UK born photographer Russell Chapman who travelled to the Middle East in the spring of 2013, documenting the revolution and its impact on human life in Syria and in the refugee camps in Jordan and Lebanon. For Chapman, “Photography does not mean to freeze what you just saw but more what you just felt. When we venture into our past, our memories are not like a continuous film that runs on in our head but more like images, in which we recognize forms that touch all of our senses.”

The exhibition is curated by Professor Johanna Fassl, faculty member at Franklin College Switzerland and director of Columbia University in Venice,