Like the bow of a ship

The new LAC (Lugano Arte Cultura) centre in Lugano, Switzerland

LAC Lugano

LAC Lugano



I really like this stair case. I shot it before as a single image but I decided that I would like to be able to make a large print of it but without losing definition. The only solution and also my first attempt was to re-shoot and create a vertorama, which is like a panorama but it is stood on its head. So I shot the staircase in sections and then combined them using software. Now I have a picture that can print 100cm x 150cm no problem 🙂



Yesterday the very good gallery, De Primi Fine Art in Lugano, said it would like to include some of my work in its next exhibition of photography. However I disagree with something the director said, that I should concentrate on only one style of photography. I’m an eclectic person, my passion is to create the images I like, depending on how I feel. The artist Russell cannot be recognized through only one style of photography.

In need of culture

I’m going to Venice for the weekend. I need some culture. I remember my first visit. When I first saw the Grand Canal I said to myself that I was ready to die. I really felt that it’s beauty could not be surpassed. I’m going back for another opinion but I don’t think anything will change. Have a great weekend everyone.

Ribbons of metal

A new building going up and this will be part of the exhibition I have been commissioned to make by the municipio in the comune of Paradiso. The theme is ‘The modern architecture of our comune’