Yes, I’m a photographer

I see the world differently to most people and create abstract photographic images that most would never imagine. I never use Photoshop, I do vision, capturing the image most will never notice.

Twisted RealityYou can own this one off original, printed directly onto aluminium. The watermark is just for online images. More details at the link below for my collection at Saatchi



I have always been fascinated by reflections, ultimately it is through reflecting light that we see most of the world around us. We see an object because of the light it reflects, rather than see it directly, unless of course it is its own light source.

As a photographer, I love watching how water reflects light, particularly when the surface of a lake or the sea is almost but not quite totally calm. Then, the very gentle movement of the water creates, for me, the best reflections of all. It is quite easy to not notice these reflections but when you photograph them, freeze them in time, something amazing happens. Reflections become abstract with an almost sculptural quality and because of the way the water is moving each image captured is totally unique. The water will never move in exactly the same way again and recreate the same reflection again. Each reflection becomes like a snowflake, infinite in variety, never to be repeated.

Flamingo With this in mind I have decided to create an art-work based on one of my images of a reflection. It is quite large, 100x150cm, printed on brushed aluminium using a complex thermal sublimation process. This high definition printing process onto aluminium gives the colour of the image a strong impact as well as being very durable. The work is called Flamingo, when you look at it you will understand why. This is a one off piece, never to be reprinted in any form and will be supplied with a certificate of authenticity. If you are interested in owning a unique and original work of abstract photography then you can find more information about it at the Saatchi Art gallery

A Trick of The Light

Out for a walk today along a small lake. For some reason I was attracted to the algae on the surface along with the light reflections. Got the picture home, started playing with the contrast etc when the image took on a life of its own. Look at it, how many faces and skulls can you see? Just a trick of the light I know, but it made me stop. Is it me or does it look like Adolf Hitler’s head just to the right of my watermark? Tell me what you see 🙂

Trick of The Light

Trick of The Light


If you like the work of the painter Rothko you will hopefully appreciate my photographic creation based upon the work of his genius. If you don’t know about Rothko, look him up, his work has a quiet genius that can be stared at for hours.