What I’m Up To. Business Coaching Update

To be honest, it has been a hard year. My mother was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer at the end of last year, so this year was busy with family, giving mum a good time, family holidays together for her, going back to all the places where she had good memories. Finally she passed on August 24th, the end came very quickly, she had less than a day in hospital. Now I’m starting to get back into the swing of things. A part of that was being invited to write for a business/life coaching magazine. You can see the article here: http://bcoaching.online/blog/2018/10/09/coaching-in-a-different-culture/

1 thought on “What I’m Up To. Business Coaching Update

  1. Hi Russell, it’s been a while and I have been worried about you as you have been a bit quiet, not normal 😀 I am sorry about your mum , I didn’t know. Jill was a great lady and I can see and hear her now in my minds eye and ear, please give your brothers my condolences and love . I hope you are ok and you are finding satisfaction in your work which , to me, seems really interesting and cool. Much love from an old buddy.
    Nick x

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