Ballerina on a bridge

I was in Budapest this weekend, it is an amazingly artistic city, the light was beautiful, energy and life filled the air. Crossing a bridge across the Danube, I saw a young ballerina preparing herself, for what dance I do not know. I was just happy to capture her in a moment.

Ballerina on the Bridge

Ballerina on the Bridge

5 thoughts on “Ballerina on a bridge

  1. Beautiful portrait, Russell. Unposed of course, which is usually to the good, and the nearly square format is perfect. Two other things hit me. I very much like the way that most of the bridge’s girders are horizontal or nearly so, whereas her whole being cuts slimly and at right angles right across that trend. And I like the fact that her colours – hair, skin, top, tights – are quite different from those of both the bridge and the sky – this makes her really jump out of the image. Good photography! Adrian

    • Thanks Adrian. I was walking across the bridge and there she was. The difficulty was also not having traffic in the way of the photo. If you have the chance, visit the city, it is the best cure for artistic block I’ve ever known 🙂

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