Just returned from the Middle East

After 30 hours of no sleep I’m finally back in Europe. Over the next couple of weeks I have a lot to write about regarding Syria and the Middle East in general. 2015 will be an interesting year. However, it wasn’t all work as these two photos I took in Al Aqaba and Petra show. Watch this space, lots coming.

Al Aqaba, Jordan




15 thoughts on “Just returned from the Middle East

  1. I lived in Jordan for a year and miss it terribly. I’m hoping to go back in a few months — each time I visit things have changed, sometimes progressing and sometimes for the worse. I’m sure this will be an interesting visit, and I’m looking forward to hearing more about your time in Syria.

    • It is an amazing country, I love it. There is a lot happening there at the moment and will be writing about some of it soon. Thanks for finding my blog interesting, I really appreciate it. Did you travel much around Jordan?

      • Yes, I traveled a lot around Jordan. There’s so much to see for such a small country! I drove through Syria once on the way to Lebanon, but was sadly only there a few hours. Looking forward to your posts and if I make it back there soon I’ll get in touch with a few questions.

      • Ask away, always happy to help. I always feel more at home in M.E than in Europe. I guess some of us have sand in our blood. I had family in Lebanon but because of the current situation decided to move to France, most who can are getting out 😦

      • Yeah I can imagine. 😦 That’s funny you say that, I lived in Italy for two years and always felt more at home in Jordan than Europe too. (Not that I don’t love parts of Italy too).

      • Italy is a great country but try getting an Italian to get to the point without all the verbiage, impossible. I speak Italian, love the language but hate how it is used to avoid giving a direct answer to simple questions…lol

      • Hahaha that is so true! My Italian is not great and getting worse and worse the longer I live back in the US, but I know what you mean. It’s a beautiful language though. Unfortunately, I worked for an international organization where the official language was English. Not conducive to learning. Good for you that you speak it!

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