Another friend who is dead

Abu Al-Abbas. He was such a gentle soul, may he rest in peace. Yet another victim of the war in Syria. I miss you man.

Abu Al-Abbas

Abu Al-Abbas

Good memories

Good memories


14 thoughts on “Another friend who is dead

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  2. There are no words at the passing of a friend. You miss their presence. Someday we shall join them. I just lost a friend on my birthday (not for the same reason as your friend). I gained a year and he gained an eternity with no more pain. All the more reason to live today and Love eachother more than ever.

    I wish you peace and comfort.

  3. What were you cooking that day? It looks tasty. Was there a break in the soldiering, or was he cooking “on the job”?

    I love the second pic with the smiles. Was the pose significant to something, or just goofiness?

    Both pics invite more questions. I’m sure you have plenty of your own. Thanks for sharing, Russ.

    • It was a mix of grilled chicken and lamb and absolutely delicious. He wasn’t a fighter, he worked in the media centre.

      Well spotted, the pose was significant in a joke kind of way. I have a habit of making that gesture if talking about a really hard situation, I often use it without realizing but in the ME it has a sexual meaning which I should have remembered. I still remember their surprised expressions the first time I did it but by the time I left it had pretty much become a salute when we met. There is a photo out there somewhere with me and a group of about 20 guys all making the gesture.

      I corrupted them somewhat….lol

      • Haha those are wonderful memories, Russ. Thank you for adding more to his story for us to carry on.

  4. I am so sorry. Thank you for sharing the story of this friend of yours and especially more of the story in answering the beautiful questions asked by themodernidiot above. This is human, not the side of war most ever talk about. I’m so sorry.

    Wishing you peace and healing,


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