Turkey stands by while ISIS and Kurds fight in Kobani

Despite the fact that heavy fighting is taking place between ISIS (Daesh) and Kurds in Kobani, Syria, all within spectator distance of the Turkish border, Turkey is refusing to do anything at the moment to help push back the Islamic extremists.

The main reason for this is because the Kurds in Kobani, in general, are said to be aligned with the PKK, which has been battling Turkey for many years for an autonomous Kurdish region. Turkey publicly says it is against Daesh but it would rather see them wipe out the Kurds in Kobani. It refuses to allow Kurds to cross the border into Syria to support their fellow Kurds in the fight. Unless something changes, Daesh will win the fight, they have heavy weapons and modern equipment vs a lightly armed Kurdish force.

Turkey is definitely preparing to take control of large parts of Syria along its border. It is also known that Turkey and Daesh have collaborated in areas of mutual interest. Another interesting fact is the tomb of Suleyman Shah, grandfather of Osman 1 who founded the Ottoman empire and is most revered by Turks down to this day, is very close to Kobani. When the dust settles and the Kurds have been pushed out of Kobani, I expect to see Daesh make a strategic withdrawal allowing Turkey to come in and take over the area. What is also very interesting is that despite US airstrikes against Daesh targets in Kobani, they have proven ineffective and done nothing to stop the extremists advance. Could it be that the US is choosing not to try too hard here for strategic reasons?

This situation will develop further. Watch this space.

8 thoughts on “Turkey stands by while ISIS and Kurds fight in Kobani

  1. Did you see that our VP Joe said his same thing at Harvard and Erdogan pitched a fit? Our VP walked it back, but I assume it was to placate him and use his airspace

      • Sounds like this fellow is a real piece of work. His country doesn’t seem to like him much.

      • Don’t discount him too much. He is in the Putin mold. Nationalism is very strong in Turkey and he has a lot of support. At the same time, there is a big Alawite population in Turkey, the same tribe as Bashar al Assad, about 2 million of them. There is a lot of internal power struggle going on at the moment and Erdogan playing the nationalist/empire card is part of his stratergy.

      • I wouldn’t discount him at all. Locking up the internet lost him support recently didn’t it?

      • He realised it was a big mistake. There are definitely sections of the population who are against him. Most of his support comes from practising Muslims. The more religious they are the more they like him.

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