United Nations vs ISIS?

This week is going to be a busy one at the United Nations. As well as the General Assembly meeting there will be others to address the situation with ISIS (Daesh) and Ebola in west Africa.

Now that airstrikes in Syria against Daesh have started, led by the USA and Arab states, it is time to understand what is happening. Before I do, I want to tell you the reaction of my Syrian friends regarding the airstrikes. None of them are happy about it, not because they like Daesh but because they only see Bashar al Assad benefiting from the situation rather than the majority of the Syrian people. In general the view is that when the USA gets involved, the resulting situation is always worse than it was before. It has to be said, history tends to back them up on this.

A few weeks ago, President Obama spoke of the need to build a global coalition against the global threat of Daesh, their network is spread around the world and they have been preparing for for attacks by the West for quite some time. The USA has been leading talks behind the scenes with all the members of the U.N as a way of confronting the crisis.

While the act of attacking Daesh and stopping them in their tracks can only be a good thing there are many risks involved, in particular who or what will fill the vacuum which will follow. This is the real fear of the Sunni muslims in both Syria and Iraq. It could lead to expanded sectarian conflict across the region rather than bringing any sort of peace. Russia has already condemned the airstrikes in Syria as there has been no agreement by the Security Council of the U.N. It seems that Obama is going to try and rectify the lack of agreement this week by arguing that as Daesh are a global threat the response also needs to be global and there is only one global organization which can do the job, the U.N. In order for that to happen it would need all U.N member states to give real teeth to what until now has been little more than a corrupt talking shop. By giving the U.N genuine power it would be the only organization capable of confronting Daesh at the international level. This is why I believe this week will be quite interesting, there really could be moves to make this happen.

The crisis in the Middle East isn’t the only crisis in town. Ebola in west Africa is threatening to decimate populations and I use the word literally. It is a crisis which also requires a global response as it has the potential to spread far beyond where it is now. It has arrived to the point where there are now infected bodies in the streets, there are not enough medical facilities or staff to cope with the outbreak. There are cases where highly infectious bodies lie in the streets. It does not require a huge leap of the imagination to see how easy it would be for terrorists to extract blood from these bodies for extraction of the virus to be used as a weapon, the process is not complicated. Ebola is something which has the potential to effect us all and requires a global response of the same level that militant Islam is receiving.

Finally, I want to go back to the way most ordinary Syrians view Daesh compared to the government of Bashar al Assad and illustrate it with something I saw today. They don’t want Daesh but the Sunni majority hate the Syrian regime even more. By destroying Daesh they feel it will allow Assad to kill even more people and the USA with its military action will inadvertently help him to do it. These are not my opinions but are based on numerous conversations I have had with Syrians in the last few days.

Syrian Regime vs ISIS (Daesh)

Syrian Regime vs ISIS (Daesh)

9 thoughts on “United Nations vs ISIS?

  1. Can you fairly compare the two given the time both have been full-on killing people? ISIS have the same amount of time, same funds, same manpower?

    • I made the point based on all the feedback I’ve been getting from Syria. The situation in Iraq is different I know.

      The Syrian’s biggest fear in these areas is that by targeting Daesh it could allow Assad to come in and kill a lot more indiscriminately. They hate the extremists but at the same time they bring relative stabilitiy, if Assad can take over again it would be even worse than it is now.

      This is why they are against US intervention that doesn’t do something about Assad.

  2. I live in Lagos, Nigeria where we hope the ebola crisis has passed in this country. The ebola crisis does need a world wide response as the nations affected cannot cope on their own. One of my friends on the scene on Liberia pointed out the country does not have enough supplies of things like rubber gloves and bleach. It’s as basic as that. I can understand the trepidation Syrians feel about the involvement of US forces in the conflict. It does tend to escalate events as other actors come on board.

    • Hi. Thanks for commenting. I don’t think anybody expected this outbreak to grow so much considering the history of past outbreaks. As everybody says, the time frame to put a lid on it is rapidly closing unless overwhelming action is taken now. Hate to say this but if it were to reach Europe then governments would pull their fingers out a lot quicker than they are doing now. I read that a 25 bed field hospital is being sent by the US at the cost of $23 Million. That is crazy, nearly $900k per bed, someone is making a huge profit out of this.

      • Yes. One of my Nigerian friends assured me some hustlers will be making a lot of money! On the plus side, at least some Nigerian schools have now been fitted with clean water taps as a condition of re- opening on Oct 2. the ex pat schools have re-opened. There is a lot of compassion fatigue when it comes to Africa. I even feel myself becoming a little affected at times as living amongst the squalor and poverty desensitizes you. I have a shanty town abutting my apartment building, as is common here.

      • I know what you mean, there is only so much you can do. Add to this the fact the governments of these countries couldn’t care less either unless it could effect them personally.

      • Governments everywhere are based on self interest. As a JW I have a slightly different perspective on how and why there are so many major problems in the world.

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