15 thoughts on “Ice Bucket Challenge

  1. For a disease that affects less than 2 people out of 100,000 or roughly 30,000 in total in the US (less than 0.01%), what I wonder is if this is an efficient use of donations and media attention. ALS is even named after a famous baseball player here so the marketing guys here are doing a great job with it but I wonder if it’d be more useful to promote heart health or cut down obesity instead.

    • There is nothing wrong with bringing attention to it, even if it only effects a small percentage of the population. I just think the way they are doing it is a bit crass and certainly offensive to those who don’t have enough water.

      • I’d say there is because it’s an inefficient use of another finite resource, money.

        The whole thing is more about vanity than altruism anyways. Brilliant marketing scheme though. Pyramid scheme + vane celebrities = money money money.

      • Agreed that it is more about vanity than alltruism. As for money, I think sufferers of ALS appreciate any money spent on research. Money finite? It is an artificial construct which has a perceived value, soon to be devalued even further.

  2. Ah man I feel this- even back home in California we’re experiencing record drought. I understand it is for a good cause, but do we have to so blatantly flaunt our privilege?

    • Yes, I have been following the drought in CA, hard times, particularly for the farmers. The ice bucket challenge is a really shallow way for people to make themselves feel good about doing something, like hitting the ‘like’ button on Facebook, meaningless.

  3. Thank you Russell for reminding us, that we are stewards of the rare goods we are entrusted in world. I know, what a heratbreaking thing it can be, seeing an ALS patient dying slowly over the years. But I’m sure, there will be muh better ways to raise awareness for people with ALS than the IBC, wich puts healthy prominent stars in the focus and looks moore a funthing than a campaign for people, who suffer from a deadly disease.

  4. It’s absolutely absurd that people all over the world are wasting water just as an excuse to post a video. Not even half of them are actually donating for the research. It’s just become a trend.

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