Who cares about arab refugees?

I have been tentative about writing this for a while but now has come the time. I have been confronted by the fact that the arab nations in general give no real consideration to the plight of their fellow arab brothers and sisters who have been forced to become refugees or inflicted by suffering.

Why do I say this? I have many contacts in the arab world, all proclaim to care about what is happening to their fellow arab brothers and sisters who have been forced to become refugees, at the same time very few are willing to do anything to genuinely alleviate the suffering of their fellow people and solve the problems which led to them becoming refugees, whether Palestinian or Syrian. It has become apparent that the majority will only help if it gives them some publicity, some personal honour, rather than wanting to be truly humanitarian, discretion is not something they are aware of , the trumpet needs to be blown at the head of procession which proclaims their generosity.

Not all arabs are this way, however their leaders and heads of important families are only interested in publicity. They prove themselves to be the sons of lesser sires. The middle east is doomed as long as this attitude prevails. Will they change?


4 thoughts on “Who cares about arab refugees?

  1. Will human nature ever change? I Hope so at some point. I personally believe we’ll have to evolve past all this wanton destruction at some point if we’re going to survive as a species.

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