The reason why there will never be peace between Israel and Palestine

Watch this cartoon. It is brilliantly simple at demonstrating the problem of Israel and Palestine as both sides claim the land as their own.

10 thoughts on “The reason why there will never be peace between Israel and Palestine

  1. Sorry – I don’t buy it. Maybe because I live here or maybe because I’m a born optimist – I have to believe and hope otherwise. I believe there are enough people on both sides that understand that force alone will not bring about a solution. People who are not carried away by the extremists on both sides. Giving up on hope is playing into the hands of these extremists. And guys – if extremism prevails here, you know who’s next.

    • Thanks for writing Daniel. I agree with you that there are many ordinary people on both sides who want peace. The problem is the political leadership of both sides, who are driven by so much hate, anger and ego. They seem determined to drive into the abyss no matter the cost or consideration for the lives of everybody who lives in the region.

      When Hamas and Fatah announced they were joining up I had a feeling it wouldn’t last. I can imagine it was a splinter group of Hamas who killed those three Israeli boys as a way of breaking the deal as they knew the blowback would be huge. Also for Netanyahu the idea of Hamas and Fatah working together created a big problem for him, finally there was a group that represented all Palestinians. As long as it was just Abbas, any brokered deal would never have real substance as you well know. Hamas joining him changed that.

      I don’t see the current crisis going away any time soon. As much as the crisis is about land, the influence of religion on both sides is a major problem. What if we were to close them down? Remove their influence. Drastic problems require drastic solutions.

      I understand exactly what you are saying about religious extremists. The focus is rightly so on Islamic extremists but it is wise not to forget the subtle but no less problematic issue of Christian and Jewish fundamentalism at high levels of various governments, which is also a threat to peace and security.

      • Agree with your analysis re Fatah and Hamas and about the kidnapping and murder being staged by a splinter group. From this aspect, Hamas played into Netanyahu’s hands perfectly. There are even those theorizing that he purposely provoked Hamas into launching the rockets at the beginning of this conflict. While this seems a little far-fetched, there is little doubt that Fatah and Hamas coming together was a problem for Netanyahu.
        The current crisis seems to be nearing an end – though anything can still happen. The two sides continue to throw punches but they understand that there will not be a knock-out, not in this round anyway.
        Key here is the aftermath. My optimism re the situation stems from the fact that Hamas is much worse off than it was before the war, and that says a lot because it was in an extremely tight spot beforehand. This creates a small window of opportunity.
        But now I’m rambling off point – I’ll cover all this in my next post.

      • Agreed, Hamas are seriously weakend and all the better for it. The aftermath is something to watch very closely. Unlike in 2008 the zeitgeist in Europe now is very much anti Israel. There could well be blowback from Europe over current events, even in the USA, attitdes are changing.

        I look forward to your post. Stay safe.

    • Made me smile “Bombing for peace is like rooting for virginity”

      It’s like the line from the film Dr Strangelove:
      “you can’t fight in here, this is the war room”

      Be patient, there are some significant events coming which will clarify things.

      • The whole middle east has been covertly destabilised by Western backing to free up all their resources and install Rothschild central banks. It’s a sad state of affairs

      • Apart from the fact that it is Iran backing ISIS (ISIL) and the chaos they are making in the ME. If it really were the Rothschilds running things then the events in the next few weeks and months will show what a major screw up they have made in the same way of any other organization that fancies itself for world domination. All they are doing is paving the way for events which will overtake them.

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