Breathing with Two Lungs

Take the time to read this. Daniel makes a lot of sense.



Starting wars are easy. Ending them is another story. While you know exactly how you are going to start the battle, you have not the foggiest idea how to end it. Israel wisely started out the operation in Gaza with limited goals but then as the dynamics of war took over other objectives began to present themselves. As the tunnels threat manifested in all its terrible glory, destroying these subterranean passages became objective no. 1. As Hamas fighters keep on crawling out of more and more tunnels, it has sadly become apparent that previous claims made by the IDF about full control over the tunnels were premature. Now we are told that dealing with the tunnels entails a much larger commitment. Where will it all end?

If you ask the warmongers in Netanyahu’s government, they’ll answer with a bellicose retort, something along the lines of: “we can’t stop now”, “we have…

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9 thoughts on “Breathing with Two Lungs

  1. Just ask the US about tunnels. The battle never ends because we’re fighting the wrong battles.

      • Why not a no-state solution? Bam, it’s a non-state, now anyone can live there. Shut up already.

      • Therein lies the problem. All political systems have been tried at one point or another in human history. Non have worked. Even if somebody goes into it with good intentions, all political systems corrupt themselves over time.

      • Then go in with a different objective than hierarchy and power. I’m not saying it’s possible with the selfish human condition, just that ideally it would be nice if the two major God talkers would practice what they preach and get over themselves.

      • Religion is the problem, well the application of it is the problem. Time will come when the only solution is to close all mosques, synagogues and churches

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