One of my favourite beaches

One doesn’t really associate Scotland with sunny beaches, however its long coast line, often in wonderfully isolated areas, is full of stunning surprises. This is one of my personal favourites, Durness beach on the north coast of Scotland, not far from Cape Wrath, is for me perfection. On a sunny day the sea is azure and the sand is golden as you look out towards the Arctic Circle and watch the birds speed diving into the ocean to catch fish.

Fortunately this area is so isolated that only the most determined will make the journey. The road that leads to this secret paradise brings you through some of the most ancient volcanic landscape in the world, travelling though it you feel as if you are in a land before time began.

Durness Beach

Durness Beach


The only way to get to the beach is to drive through this landscape that time forgot.

Beyond Time

Beyond Time

10 thoughts on “One of my favourite beaches

    • In the north of Scotland many of the mountains are very ancient, extinct volcanoes. Geographically it is one of the oldest landscapes on earth.

      You need to visit in May when there is the most sun, you would be amazed at the beauty of the coastline.

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