Ex Syrian diplomat explains Syria ISIS connection

Bassam Barabandi, ex Syrian diplomat with the foreign ministry who served in Washington, has given an interview into the inner workings of the Assad regime. It is a fascinating insight well worth reading. He goes into detail explaining the ISIS Syria connection.

One of the key points he makes is how the growth of ISIS was not only permitted but encouraged as a way of increasing sectarian division and diverting global attention away from Bashar al Assad’s actions against the Syrian people.

You can find the article at this link Inside Assad’s Playbook: Time and Terror.

The interview I did with Zaid Tlass in April last year also gives interesting insight into how the Syrian regime works. Link: Interview with Zaid Tlass

On a side note it is nice to be vindicated in my views and analysis of the situation, that ISIS is an instrument of Iran and Syria. I received a lot of negative feedback saying that it could not possibly be true. Today I can say quite happily that I was about the only person in the West who was correct in making the connection between ISIS, Syria and Iran.


2 thoughts on “Ex Syrian diplomat explains Syria ISIS connection

  1. In a region of bad guys, their bad guys and our bad guys, what part do the Israelis play? Good recruiters for the their bad guys, certainly. But it occurs to me that perhaps the Israelis are no longer Jews, but a new race. It’s unimaginable that Jews would knowingly kills children, or that they would climb hills to cheer as missiles dropped to kill them. Can you imagine Ben Gurion or Golda Meir on that hill? Terrorism is the apologist for many bad acts, but I think we are no longer seeing Jews or even Zionists in Israel. They have become someone or something else.

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