Today is World Refugee Day

There are now as many refugees in the world as at any time during the Second World War. The number of refugees worldwide has now reached some 50 million, more than the entire population of many countries.Refugees are a symptom of a failed global political system which allows the wars and oppression that create the problem.

The United Nations in particular has failed miserably in its mandate of maintaining international “peace and security”. Why? Because the countries it consists of are more interested in their political and power games than in people.

The way things are going, the global refugee crisis is going to get worse not better. The political system is not going to resolve the situation because it is at the heart of the problem, eating away like cancer.

For the moment, this is going to continue so we need to think about our fellow human beings and how we can help those who have been forced to flee their countries. Donate something to a charity that focuses on helping refugees, every penny counts but I would avoid giving anything to a United Nations organization, they waste too much money, very little reaches the people who really need it.

These are people we are talking about, what has happened to them can happen much closer to home too. Remember what happened after hurricane Katrina? Who is to say something like this won’t happen again. It is about time we start thinking about people as humans, rather than what group they belong to. Remember, we are all part of the Human Race.

As an aside, China Youth Daily, one of the biggest newspapers in China have run a feature today for World Refugee Day. I was privileged to be able to contribute to it with my experience in Syria. Here is a link to the Google Translate version in English of the article

China Youth Daily

China Youth Daily, my contribution to them for World Refugee Day


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