Prijeko Palace Hotel, Dubrovnik

Prijeko Palace Hotel

Prijeko Palace Hotel in the middle of the picture

This isn’t something that happens every day. The Prijeko Palace Hotel in Dubrovnik has themed one of its guest rooms with my art photography and named the room after me. Quite a privilege I must say. It is a beautifully restored old palace in the heart of the old city. The hotel is full of character and charm a wonderful place from which to explore. If you are ever thinking about somewhere to have a holiday, then Dubrovnik is certainly a place you should consider.

Have a look at their website here

Below I have taken the description of The Chapman room from their website and a few photos to give an idea of what it is like. Enjoy!

The Chapman room is dedicated to Russell Chapman (UK; 1968). This comfortable room of 22m2 with a pitched roof has windows overlooking the quiet street.

Russell Chapman started studying photography when he was 10 years old, teaching himself all the aspects of art and science that are needed in order to produce a photograph that will bring pleasure to others. Photography is about creating a moment that encapsulates not only what was seen at that moment but what was also felt.



5 thoughts on “Prijeko Palace Hotel, Dubrovnik

  1. Congratulations. It must me quite an honour to have you pictures on display. Do you think they would like to play my music? Have a listen to it from my web page. Look for music albums and if you click on the album cover it will take you iTunes where you can sample the music for free.

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