Street Photography. Egyptian Coptic

Saw him sitting on a bench and asked if I could take his photo and then spoke a little about the situation with Coptics in Egypt. He said things are better for them now.

Egyptian Coptic

Egyptian Coptic

5 thoughts on “Street Photography. Egyptian Coptic

    • No I haven’t. I always feel there is such a negative energy in churches. They have too much bad history that follows from their desire for power which led them away from scripture

      • The Church was in Canada and we stood out like a sore thumb. The men and women are separated, one on one side and the other on the other side. Unaware of this we sat together. Nothing was said and people were very friendly and kind to us. The service must have lasted over three hours. Some people would go out of the Church for a break then return again. We felt nothing but good vibes.

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