A potential new war? Updated

This is based solely on what I have been hearing over the last few months from various directions. What I have been hearing is that the risk of war between Turkey and Syria is growing rapidly. I could be wrong, but the information I am getting is coming from so many diverse sources that it is starting to make me wonder. Watch this space.

Here is an update to fill in a few details. All the indications are that Turkey would start the conflict. Turkey has many of its own domestic problems and the Erdogan government is becoming more belligerent as time goes by. The government is also trying to fan the flames of nationalism. If and probably when Iranian backed Assad wins the war in Syria then the Iranian sphere of influence will be greater and the balance of power in the middle east will be fundamentally different. Turkey has a majority Musilim Sunni population and it will feel its security is undermined by the Shia of Iran who will in fact be running Syria with Assad as little more than a vassal ruler. The northern border territories of Syria would make a good buffer zone against this threat and the indications are that Turkey would seek to take control of areas in the north of Syria, Similar to what Israel did when it captured the Golan heights.

As I said before, these are things that I have been hearing more frequently over the last six months that when the revolution in Syria is finished there will then be war between Turkey and Iranian backed Syria. You can now read part 2 of this series here.



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