New revision of my book coming

Syria: Refugees and Rebels, my book photo-documenting the human side of the conflict in Syria, is being re-published and as a result will be significantly lower in cost. I will update when it is ready, but it won’t be too long. There will be the choice of buying through major outlets or directly from myself which will make it even better value for money. I will let you know the pricing when it has been confirmed.

Syria: Refugees & Rebels

4 thoughts on “New revision of my book coming

    • It is a terrible thing, often they will ‘marry’ a girl just for a few days or even just one day before divorcing her. It is a sick practice and something I would like to collect evidence about.

  1. Hi Russell, what your line on The Crimea? Is it a true election, are The US just making trouble for the sake of it? Do the Crimeans want to be Russian. Do The US still have Cold War agenda with regard to Russia? And when it comes to rigged elections look no further than Florida when Bush got in!!!!! maybe a few economic sanctions there?The hypocrisy.
    Still have not got you book but the lower price makes it a cert! Sorry. Hope all goes well in Oxford next week….exciting

  2. Hi Nick. It’s true that the majority of the population of Crimea are Russian and have always felt closer to Russia. It seems that the election was not rigged, there would have been reports if people had been suspicious that things were being manipulated. The Russians of Crimea see the new government in Kiev as illegitimate and under the control of the US. It always seemed sure to me that Crimea would go back to Russia. What will happen in cities like Donetsk is another question, will Russia try to take back the eastern cities? Time will tell I guess.

    I think the US has definitely been stirring things up but it knows it doesn’t have the power to do anything solid, sanctions won’t have any real effect and everybody knows this. The Russians have the upper hand and the US knows it. As you said, the US has never been able to get over its cold war mentality, instead of working with Russia after the collapse of the Soviet Union, it went in for a land grab, trying to bring as many of the European satellite countries into Nato as possible. This made Russia feel very secure, there is also a national victim mentality and as a result they went for Putin as leader.

    Putin then made sure that Europe became very dependent on its gas, the perfect way of being able to limit any European action, he could simply turn the taps off if he wished. Russia is also hugely developing its gas supply business with China and here is the only potential fly in the ointment for Russia. China is on the verge of a massive sub-prime property bubble burst. Much bigger than that of the US. The Chinese know this and are trying to deflate the situation slowly, however there is no guarantee it will be successful. If that happens the Chinese demand for oil and gas will slump and dramatically take down the price of oil/gas. The only way Putin can stay in power is through the money Gazprom earns. The Russian economy is pretty much dependent on its energy exports to keep afloat and needs an absolute minimum price of $100 per barrel to keep things going. If that were to happen then Putin would be in deep trouble. He uses that money to buy support, if the money dries up then so will the support. I have heard this from so many of my contacts in Russia.

    What we are seeing here Nick is the pushing and shoving between the king of the north and the king of the south. Ultimately there will be no winners.

    Oxford will be interesting, there will be a lot of International exposure for my work, I’m curious to see what will happen. How about you Nick, hows the tennis going 🙂

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