Collectors of Photographic Images

I’m considering making my photography from Syria and the refugee camps of Lebanon and Jordan available for sale. I don’t work with stock photography agencies and very few of my images are online.

Later this month I am invited to present my work and talk about it at the Refugee Studies Centre of Oxford University for an international conference called Refugee Voices on the global refugee crisis with a particular focus on Syria.

For any collectors of photography who are interested in having the chance to own documentary images related to Syria, which have not been spread all over the internet but only in a very few cases here on my blog or a single specific online article, I’m offering the chance to collect a unique picture.

I am looking for feedback so I can judge the level of interest. If the interest is sufficient I will make available one signed image, single edition. There will never be another of that image printed apart from for my own personal collection. If interest continues I will make further images available but these will also be strictly single edition images. The price will be US $1000 per printed and signed image. Each is 45cm or 17.7 inches along its longest side.

The pictures are unique, they were taken using high quality equipment and with a strong artistic eye. There are not so many people who have had the same opportunity as me to capture these images. This is the opportunity to own something that is photographically unique. Here is a link to some of the very few pictures I have put online.

Below is an image I am making available to buy and as a way of testing demand. If you are interested then contact me through my contact page.

FSA fighters. Front-line Aleppo

FSA fighters. Front-line Aleppo

10 thoughts on “Collectors of Photographic Images

    • Thanks Juanita. The images make up quite a unique collection. So far I have been using them when I am invited to speak at different institutes about the situation in Syria and the refugee crisis. Now I am exploring any interest there might be from those who collect documentary photography. Also, any sales will fund my return to the refugee camps and continue to give voice to the innocents who are suffering as a result of everything that is happening.

      • When I get a few moments over the next several days I am going to sit down and look/read through your past blog post. I am very interested to learn/see and understand more about this topic. Thank you so much for sharing and educating us all. 🙂

      • I sure will…I got my grandson for the next 4 days, so I will read what I can, but once he goes back home I will have much more time to thoroughly read it. 🙂

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