Authentic Florence: A Recommended Tour Guide

Many people dream about visiting Italy, soaking up the culture, the food, the wine, the music of the language. It might be one of the most chaotic places in the world but is is also one of the most beautiful.

The challenge for tourists, after seeing the most famous landmarks, is to find the gems, those places that are off the main tourist trail. But not only this, the bars and restaurants that the locals use where you can soak up the atmosphere of Italians doing what they do best, enjoying themselves. To be able to find these gems it helps to have a little inside knowledge, a guide even.

I met Véronique Vassileva several years ago, she is from Bulgaria and has lived in Italy for the last seven years. She is absolutely passionate about the culture and the country. She lives in Florence and has got to know the area extremely well, the places to visit that are off the tourist trail, the bars and the restaurants that the Italians go to for amazing food and a great evening. I don’t normally promote other people’s work here but she really does offer a great experience

She is now offering her services as a guide for those who want to visit Florence and the surrounding areas. She is a bit of a polyglot, so communication is never a problem. I wouldn’t recommend someone unless I know they can be trusted and Véronique can be trusted. Not only that, she is full of life and would make any guided tour a great and unique experience. A holiday to remember. So if you are planning a trip to Florence it would be worth getting in touch with her if you are interested in having a unique Italy experience.

Check out her website where you can find out more

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