Syria: A Personal Appeal

As the followers of my blog know, I have spent the last year covering the situation in Syria, in particular the humanitarian crisis. I spent a month in Syria as well as a further month visiting the refugee camps of Lebanon and Jordan in order to document what is actually happening. The situation there becomes worse by the day and more and more innocent people suffer as a result. Various circumstances have led to me having the opportunity to give voice to their suffering. Among these opportunities, later this month there will be an exhibition of my work at Oxford University as part of an international conference about the global refugee crisis called Refugee Voices with wide media coverage on the BBC

I would like very much to be able to continue this work, to return to the refugee camps. To show how global politics is responsible for the suffering of people and creating the refugee crisis that we see. In order to continue my work I need funding. Therefore I am making an appeal. If you can donate something or if there is a philanthropist out there who follows my work then please contact me, or you can make a direct payment to my PayPal account using my email

Please share my appeal with everybody you know Everything helps, and by so doing you will be helping me to do my job of showing what is really happening. I have no political affiliation, I simply report what I see.

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