Legal report into torture and execution of Syrians by the government

Just published a few moments ago is the report below in PDF form by law firm

Carter-Ruck & Co.Solicitors of London, 6 St Andrew Street, London,EC4A 3AE.


Take time to read it. It documents systemic torture by the Assad regime. What I find interesting is that both the Guardian and CNN have published this in the last few minutes, just a short time before the start  of the talks in Geneva. What political games are being played? At the same time, it is only correct that those responsible for these crimes are brought to justice. Read the document and let me know what you think.

Two of the example images from the report below.


3 thoughts on “Legal report into torture and execution of Syrians by the government

  1. It used to be called ‘The Great Game’, the politics of power and oppression. Very few men (and women?) have the desire to inflict power over others. However those that do, have such an overwhelming effect on the world we live in. Why do men want such power? it inflates the ego and that is a nasty piece of work nestling in most people. For many men money and power means sex and the satisfaction of the eye with many ‘shiny’ things. It is everywhere, in boardrooms, in bedrooms, in governments, in TV studios….we all know what it is. The real reason for the report is just another grotesque ramping up of ‘The Game’……to unbalance. Lets imagine all the arms makers, everything you do now is finished, and from now on you will make solar power units, machines for making wells in drought lands, food carrying tankers, and you scientists ‘no more bombs’ just put your brains to good use, not destructive. De-ramp all of this…no one is better than another, any perfect nation step forward… one, thought so.

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