Work in progress

I guess that those who follow my blog realize I have a particular interest in the middle east, I am fascinated by history and world events. Slowly, I’m putting an article together that looks at what is happening in the middle east at the moment, I am consulting many people who are very knowledgeable in their fields regarding what I am writing about. Things are starting to come together. The article, when it comes, is going to address the issues of:

The Iran nuclear deal.

Syria: Al Qaeda, the USA, Iran, Turkey.

Israel and Saudi Arabia attack Iran or not.

The role of Jordan in the Syrian conflict.

Syria talks in Geneva: Should Iran be involved?

How the middle east effects us: The Institutionalization of security and intelligence agencies and why they need the threat of terror and instability to justify their existence.

Finally a look at government in general and why it is all subject to failure.

It might take a couple of weeks or it might be a couple of months to answer the questions above, I already have the outline but now it is a question of the detail. Watch this space.


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