7 thoughts on “Toward the sea

    • This was at Durness on the north coast. The north and north west are very much like this. Inland is a little different, many of the mountains are extremely old extinct volcanoes, the lava floes still obvious, the north and west of Scotland is a land that was forged from fire and then you can literally see how the glaciers smoothed off any rough edges, finally heather, ferns, moss and grass carpet everything. The few trees are tucked away in areas that are sheltered from the wind.

  1. Russell, I don’t know how to email you and wanted you to see this. Delete my comment if you prefer. This guy has a website where Syrian spotters can report scuds, then an app calculates where and when it’ll land to warn people. He was in NYC today with a Google panel:

    An app for war: Crowd-sourcing Scud missile launch notifications

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