Some info about the ‘FSA’ fighters being trained and equipped by the USA in Jordan

There has been some reporting of moderate Free Syria Army fighters being trained by the USA at camps in Jordan. While it is true that the USA is setting up and training brigades in Jordan, they are not FSA. Let me elaborate.

As the war has progressed, quite a few military officers from the Syrian regime have defected, some genuinely to the FSA but many not. Many, not because they are against the regime but simply because they are trying to protect themselves and keep their finances intact. Principal among these is Colonel Achmed al Namah. He is leader of the military council that is set up in Amman, Jordan. He runs this council that has many of these defected Syrian officers as its members.

It is with this military council that the USA is working and setting up fighting brigades.These brigades are led by the defected officers and the fighters are bought and paid for, mostly those who are unacceptable to the FSA due to their unsavory background.

What has been the results of these brigades? Despite the fact that they are very well equipped they are proving to be quite useless as fighting units but to be honest that seems to be the intention. It seems the purpose of these brigades is nothing more than to try and dilute the real FSA. The USA and Jordan are also using coercive tactics to try and get as many of the defected Syrian officers into positions of command as possible of the genuine FSA brigades. Doing so will weaken them and put them under the influence of the USA. Cut the heads off the command structures of the FSA in Southern Syria, insert ex Syrian regime military commanders which will then be controlled by the USA and Jordan. It seems the ultimate purpose for this is to create an option, a new autonomous area in the south of Syria run by senior defected military commanders who can be easily influenced by the USA.

4 thoughts on “Some info about the ‘FSA’ fighters being trained and equipped by the USA in Jordan

  1. How come I am not surprised about what you write? The powers of the world – Europe before WWII and now USA – always act in their own interest. The demagogy is to protect freedom and democracy, but that has never been anything but words. The real issue is economic or influential interests. It’s sad, it’s disgusting, it’s anti-democratic, but what can you do? Those in power have the power to do whatever they like.

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