Syria. Pandora’s box opened?

Since I left Syria back in April things have changed dramatically. Where before Islamist group Al Nusra had no connection with Al Qaeda, now there is a group of ex Jabhat al Nusra that has splintered away and is now fully on side with them, and they make the original Al Nusra look like a group of choirboys in comparison. As for for the main Al Nusra group, they have been infiltrated by the Syrian regime and Iran, being supported by them with all the money and equipment they need. The aim of this being to ever increase sectarianism, divide and conquer is the name of that particular game.

Iran is now using its air-force to bomb the Sunni rebels and are dramatically scaling up the resources they are putting into this conflict. The international community has made a serious miscalculation of Iran’s strength. They thought that getting Iran to fight in Syria would wear it down and weaken it, if anything the opposite is proving to be true. If things continue the way they are, Iran will be the de facto government in Syria if they win this war. From there it is only a very short hop to taking control of Lebanon. They already pretty much have Iraq in their pocket. After Lebanon who comes next? Saudi Arabia? It is getting to the point where nothing short of a tactical nuclear strike will be able to interfere with the Iranian plan. You might laugh at me for writing this but if Iran win in Syria the options for action will be very much reduced and will have to be all or nothing.

Then there is the refugee situation, the numbers of Syrian refugees is staggering and rapidly increasing. At least 2 million and climbing, this is having a major destabilizing effect on Lebanon and Jordan. Politically and economically they can’t handle it. If the refugees are seen as a threat by local populations there will be outbreaks of violence which could very quickly get out of hand. Just think about the problem of trying to control 1 million angry refugees who don^t get enough food and medicine.

This could lead to Jordan attempting to annex part of southern Syria, which has already been taken over by the Sunni rebels, from there repatriating many of the Syrian refugees and at the same time gaining control of the very good quality ground water supplies that Jordan so badly wants.

There are so many different elements to what is going on, and over the next weeks and months things are going to happen that will take many by surprise due to subtle cause and effect of so many actions and reactions. There will be global consequences to what is happening in Syria. Pandora’s box has been opened.


10 thoughts on “Syria. Pandora’s box opened?

  1. Russell,
    I am interested in your view as to true reasons for the fighting and killing in Syria. At this point all I see is two sides fighting without any idea why. In your view who is right and who is wrong? Or is this another historical example of the insanity of war? What is at the forefront in the minds of those on both “sides” of this conflict? Any help from you to give me the clearest awareness of this very sad situation in Syria would be greatly appreciated. Have you any thoughts on solutions which can be implemented to end this tragic situation. Are there any other sources/websites on the internet where people can go and get unbiased analysis of the war in Syria, as well as honest reports covering all regions of the Earth? I am looking for 100% factual reports of what is actually occurring on this Earth.
    Thank you,

  2. Hi Jerry,
    Initially there were only 2 sides to this conflict. The Syrian government and the people of the revolution, who wanted more freedom and dignity from a harsh authoritarian regime. After 6 months of revolution when the people took up arms to defend themselves from being slaughtered things started to change. International politics started to get involved and also extremists started to smell an opportunity. Now there are many players in this conflict, all with their own agenda.

    Now we have a situation where Iran will win this war, they have the resources. Because the international community is limiting the help it is giving to the rebels it is inevitable that they will lose. Iran has huge resources and they, the Persian leadership are very intelligent and have been planning for such a time as this since the overthrow of the Shah. They learnt a lot from their war with Iraq. Iran is only now getting warmed up and that despite that fact that it already has thousands of its military in Syria. They have yet to show their full strength. What is happening in Syria is just one of the steps toward their hegemonic ambitions

    What has to be watched is what they do after winning the war in Syria. If they go to Lebanon then you can be sure that they are prepared for literally anything any country has to throw at them.

    The international community thinks it can contain this conflict quite well to get the result it wants. It will be interesting to see how the scene unfolds and events get away from them. Their hubris will be their downfall.

    • Russell,
      I appreciate your honest reply. Let me ask you this. With a view of the entire Middle East, who are the “good guys” (or women) who I should look to for wisdom and real solutions to the hegemonic power struggles that are the Middle East? I am talking about those men and women who have rock solid ideas which present humanity with truly effective ways to bring the “sides” together and create lasting peace in the region. Can you give me the names of four or five (or more) men and/or women, from any country on Earth, who have the best thoughts on this Earth for bringing peace to this region now?
      Thank you,

      • Jerry, if 4 or 5 people in the entire world existed with the ability you talk about I would tell you and the world. As we are, in the present time, there can only be half solutions at best and this doesn’t only apply to the middle east.

  3. Russell,
    You mentioned that there can only be “half solutions at best”. Given that you have looked at possible solutions, measured them, and come to the conclusion that they are 1/2, this tells me that you have some idea what a 100% solution could look like. So I will ask you for your ideas regarding solutions in the Middle East and elsewhere. My idea perhaps sounds utopian, but the solution would begin with a prominent world leader like Barack Obama, Vladimir Putin or the leader of the United Nations being broadcast around the world saying, “The first peace, which is the most important, is that which comes within the souls of men when they realize their relationship, their oneness, with the universe and all its powers, and when they realize that at the center of the universe dwells the Great Spirit, and that this center is really everywhere, it is within each of us.” Those were words spoken by Native American Holy Man, Black Elk. That 100% solution will have to be based on spirituality. It will have to be based on unconditional love and forgiveness. If discussions include focus on love and forgiveness there is a chance for positive results. There is no alternate route to peace.
    Thank you,

  4. Jerry. You credit me with far more knowledge than I possess. As I see it, there is no ultimate solution that anybody here can come up with. I simply observe and make analysis based on the available evidence.

    • Russell,
      Perhaps we as human beings sometimes underestimate ourselves and the potential we possess to obtain wisdom. At risk of sounding like a person who looks at the world through “rose colored glasses” or one who has fantasies about “utopia”, I believe that unconditional love and forgiveness define ultimate solution. Humanity is on the inevitable journey to discovering love and forgiveness. My view is that unconditional love and forgiveness, their becoming THE major factor in all decisions and actions on Earth, is an idea whose time has arrived. The time to light up the world with unconditional love is now.
      Thank you for an interesting conversation.

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