Hot off the press

If you are interested in global affairs then this is going to be interesting for you. For those of you who have followed my blog for a while, you will know that I am very interested in what is happening in Syria, not only that, I am very well connected inside Syria. I had confirmation today of something quite important. The recent declaration of the USA to start helping the Sunni rebels, as well as the fact that Russia has seriously begun to consider the idea that Bashar al Assad will have to go has arisen due to this; the global Muslim community is angry at the fact that the West has not helped the Syrian people. As a result of this a global Jihad has been declared. What does this mean? It means that all assets of the USA, UK, Europe and Russia have been declared a target for attack. Not only this, but there are now more than a million Muslims from around the world who are preparing to go to Syria and fight against the Syrian regime and its supporters.

My contact in Syria told me that this has become a religious war of global proportions and this is what has scared the West into providing help . I asked him if it is possible to avoid such a huge escalation of the situation. He said yes, but only if the West acts now. He told me that the USA has asked them to wait for 3 months before help will arrive as they have some deals to make with other countries. But even then, they believe, as has always been my own opinion, that the USA will only give the minimum support for them to resist the Syrian regime.

This is new news, I will update as I get further information from inside.



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