An insight.

When the Assad regime recently took control of the road between Daraa and the Jordanian border from the FSA the Jordanians offered to supply ammunition to the FSA ( Free Syria Army) The problem was that when they, the FSA, tested the ammo it was mixed with tracer bullets, the type that leave a streak of light when you fire them. A great way to give away your position to the other side, basically they were betrayed. Behind all of this is a defected Colonel from the Syrian regime, Achmed al Namah, he is the leader of the so called ‘Military Council’, which is based in Amman, Jordan. The only thing is, he has no interest in anyone but himself and is actively working with Jordan to weaken as much as possible the FSA for his benefit, Jordan is also using him to their benefit. It was he, through Jordan that organized the supply of these tracer bullets to the FSA.


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  1. This is so very dangerous. Did the FSA have a good way to distribute the info to all the fighters in case they too were approached with this “deal?” And, the media was reporting a while back that the USA was hesitant to arm the FSA because of so many radical Islamists jumping into the fray. Now it is reporting that we are seriously considering it. Any word on how the FSA is sorting that out, or if is is even true?

    Stay safe my friend.

    • Getting the info to the various brigades is not a problem. You should understand that quite often the FSA will receive weapons and ammo but only the bare minimum to keep them fighting, never enough to be able to really make a push. The flow of weapons into the south of Syria is controlled by the Jordanians. So when they are sent ammo by Qatar for example, the Jordanians will hold back the majority of it.

      There are regular meetings between the head of Jordanian Intelligence and FSA Generals, they have to go, if they don’t then all supply is cut. At these meetings the Jordanians try and find out info on fighting strength etc. And when they do give ammo they demand video proof to show that it has been used. They don’t want the FSA to build up stocks.

      As for the USA I really don’t think they will give any serious help, if they wanted to they would have already done it. As for the question of Islamists getting hold of the weapons, in the south of the country, from Damascus down to the Jordanian border, Jabhat al Nusra are actually under orders by the the 1st Brigade, they can’t just go and do what they want. It is very easy to control the distribution of weapons.

      In the north al Nusra have a lot more control and the people really love them. What you have to understand is that while they are Islamist they are not terrorist, they certainly have nothing to do with Al Qaeda, I don’t agree with their philosophy, they want an Islamic state, but not in the form of that in Saudi or Iran but ultimately they will follow the wish of the people because al Nusra are Syrian fighting for their country, yes they have a few foreign fighters in their ranks but they are a small minority. The reason the USA declared them a terrorist organization is because they are very well organized and absolutely fearless fighters. If they were to get major international funding they would be a very strong fighting force and this war would end very quickly. Also they will not accept any outside influence in the country,

      Syria is strategically the most important country in the middle east, The USA will not accept having a lack of influence here. Also they, like many other countries, want this war to continue, the reason being to weaken Iran which is directly involved in this conflict. Iran is having to put a lot of resources into supporting the Assad regime as it tries to expand its dominance in the middle east. The idea is to keep Iran busy in Syria, thereby reducing its ability to get involved in making trouble for Saudi Arabia, which for the time being is still the most important country, however that will change in the next 10 – 15 years. And so this in short is why the war is going on and why the FSA will never receive major international help.

  2. So if they topple Assad…what? They control Syria and kick out Iran? But then they have to fight Iran? My lord, what a mess.

    Thank for answering my questions so thoroughly. It seems strange that we are reading contradictions in US media. It makes no sense to publish misinformation. Few in the US public really understand Syria enough to take a side (or care, sadly), so why not just report exactly what’s happening? The US won’t look any worse than it does-we do something ridiculous at least once a week.

    • The reason why it isn’t reported fully in the US is that they know the majority of people don’t really care about what is happening. Also the vast majority of journalists only spend at most a couple of days in the country. It isn’t nearly enough to be able to get the trust of the people and for them to really invite you inside what is happening. Of course to do this is very risky. All it takes is being in the wrong place at the wrong time and you will be blown into pink mist. But if you hold your nerves then you will get the true story of what is happening.

      • That’s a shame.

        Any recommendations on where to get some good scoop? Besides your fantastic blog? 🙂

    • Oh, my that would be the most awesome trip ever. Just to get the real info first hand.The US media is really pushing Al Nusra as a bloody, fundamentalist Islamist, terrorist group. Americans are starting to polarize over the misinformation.

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