The first ever public picture of……

Palestinian General in the FSA.

Palestinian General in the FSA.

This is quite a symbolic picture. On the left is Abo Hafs (nome di guerre), he is sitting with Bashar al-Zoubi. Abo Hafs is a Palestinian and a General in the FSA in the Daraa region of Syria. In all the middle east, Palestinians are looked upon as second class citizens by the governments of the countries where they reside as refugees. Here we have a Palestinian who is viewed as an equal.He grew up in Syria and for him it is home. The people, not the Assad regime of Syria, are demonstrating that all are equal, no matter their background.

4 thoughts on “The first ever public picture of……

  1. This IS an important photo! There is a horrible blog site out there (written by someone I assume to be part of Assad’s regime) calling Bashar al-Zoubi a terrorist of the highest order. Well done, sir.

      • Yes, I thought so too. It seemed like propaganda against the rebels. I am also reading bloggers who have met, and report that some Syrian citizens are convinced the rebels are fighting the regime in order to install a radical islamic state.

        Best of luck and peace to you and everyone around you.

      • My intention was to be as neutral as possible and report what I see. Soon I will have finished writing my book. Then I want to make a Kickstarter project to finance the publishing of my book, what I saw and experienced, who I spoke to, what I learnt, the role of Islam in Syrian society and why the international community want this war to continue as well as the everyday life of the Syrian people as they try to survive during this extremely difficult time.

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