So young, yet with so much power

During my project and when I was in Jordan I had the opportunity to see this young Syrian girl reciting her poetry about the war in Syria. She has so much energy and she writes everything herself. The translation of what she says is below the video but take a moment to listen to the Arabic, it is really quite beautiful and you can feel the rhythm and power of her words.

Transcript from Arabic to English

Excuse me loyalist, this is what your regime has done to your children and brothers and your religion
and still this tyrant enjoys your support even if it is little ,oh loyalist of Asaad , shame and disgust paints your clothes , and your children’s clothes .
if you had done otherwise it would be a crown on your head and the head of your grand children,
this tyrant beat all tyrants with his tyranny
he was left to destroy the country of Damascus ( bilad al sham = Syria , Iraq , Jordan , Lebanon and Palestine )
he was left to destroy your wealth
rescue Damascus and its foundation for if not, regret won’t do you any good,
your excuses will not do you any good
to the leaders of the Arabs , know that one day you will meet God and you will see the shame you feel in front of him , with the blackness of your eyes and faces
then America and all your allies will not do you no good
and there will be a day when the ground shakes from under your thrones ,
if you want earth , earth is yours , but god help you from his wrath ,
but if you wanted heaven , saddle your horses in the name of god and give us your help
for victory will come from god , on the arms of our free army , from our sons and you together for we depend on god and those brave men , not you and your money
for a people like the people of Syria do not kneel for injustice and you have taken injustice as a crown upon your head
for we are a people who if we wanted a dignified life we fight for it
but you spend your life in your selfishness
but there are still amongst us those who are honorable , men like the hero Bashar al Zoubi, and others who put the fear of god between their eyes .
god help our victorious soldiers and may god reward their deeds.

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