The children of Zaatari

I have now been to Zaatari refugee camp for Syrians in Jordan a couple of times. While the majority of the children seem to be quite happy and playful there are some who are very much traumatized. Quite often, kids will run away when a camera is pointed at them because they think you are going to shoot them, the look of fear on their faces is so strong.

Something else quite shocking I discovered in the camp is that the supply of food is so limited that families are forced to sell the baby milk powder they are given by relief agencies just so that they can have enough money to buy bread for their families, the babies must then eat solid food but it is the only way these families can survive.

Too much fear

10 thoughts on “The children of Zaatari

  1. That’s really sad and unfortunately quite common in some places. I just wish these facts and issues were wider publicised worldwide. There’s some shocking and horrible parts of humanity in the world – and it’s not just in these all too common but unpromoted stories but also the ignorance and selfishness that people display when faced with it. I think what you’ve done is absolutely amazing and inspiring.

  2. It’s great to see that some bloggers are willing to raise these concerns. Mainstream media seems to have gone quite and this is just simply a problem that cannot be ignored. Its horrible to see many people turn a blind eye to what is occurring in the Syrian Refugee camps…

  3. Thank you Russell for focusing on this dramatic issue – there is some hope in knowing that children are very resilient – on the other hand: no one was made for coping with these tragedies

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