Yesterday the very good gallery, De Primi Fine Art in Lugano, said it would like to include some of my work in its next exhibition of photography. However I disagree with something the director said, that I should concentrate on only one style of photography. I’m an eclectic person, my passion is to create the images I like, depending on how I feel. The artist Russell cannot be recognized through only one style of photography.

23 thoughts on “Eclectic

  1. I understand what you’re saying because I am very eclectic as well but from my recollection of your images, you seem to have a strong portfolio in architectural images. I especially love some of your closer detail images that show the lines and angles of buildings. I also just saw your Moon shot with an architectural image. I think if you focused your exhibition around a grouping of similar images like that it would make for a very strong show. As someone in the design industry, it’s a fact that having a collection of similar items makes for a stronger statement and presence than single items which may be what that gentleman was trying to convey to you. If they are allowing you to have a bio on yourself, you could describe yourself as eclectic photographer and let people know that this is not your only style. Just a thought. 🙂 Good Luck.

  2. congratz Russell…..let me know if you do the exhibition….

    what’s with these galleries?? – I think that art and photography have evolved due to tecnology and many ideas we see on the web and have now become like a continuous zapping between different tecniques, different social networks etc….yet art galleries keep expecting artists to move only on one track/direction/technique…i don’t understand them…i think they should be the first to be open minded and see that the more creative a person is, the more Eclectic his work is !!

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