Ribbons of metal

A new building going up and this will be part of the exhibition I have been commissioned to make by the municipio in the comune of Paradiso. The theme is ‘The modern architecture of our comune’


2 thoughts on “Ribbons of metal

  1. The subject of course is the contrast between the organic hillside and the geometric, sterile shape of the building. All the same it gives a little bit of respite or transition between the two worlds with its wave formed balconies. The tone variation due to reflections in the same balconies is beautiful. I like the tight composition with the dominance of the building to the left.

    • Thanks Otto. This is to be part of a show of the development of architecture in my town. Glad you like. I know I have been quite recently, life is very busy at the moment I don’t always have time to pick up my camera and I am not online so much these days. But even if I must shoot less my aim is to shoot better. In fact the discipline of shooting less is good for me. I prefer to take time and shoot only maybe 5 photos, with 1 I really like instead of shooting 50 and only being happy with 1.

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