Some shots from today. Updated

This is a different type of photography for me. Concentrating on the clothes rather than the person. For me, the person is the most important element of the picture but here the focus had to be on the dress. Not sure if I pulled it off, but I certainly tried. The dress is the design idea of an art/fashion student who is graduating tomorrow. The setting was great, at the Franklin College in Lugano. There is movement in some of the pictures, it is a bit unconventional but it adds drama.


20 thoughts on “Some shots from today. Updated

  1. Even in fashion shots like this, I think the person is still as important as the clothes to make the picture interesting. And even if you didn’t deliberately focus on the person in this series, you were nonetheless able to come up with some very strong images. My favourite is definitely the second to last, exactly because the character of person is fascinating. Her attitude is both cool and mysterious – which I like. The veil adds to this feeling. In addition the composition is lovely – sparkling and shining and sharp and clean.

    • Hi Otto. To be honest, this isn’t usually the type of photography I go for, it was fun though. I have updated the pictures. I’m glad you like that picture but the one I really keep coming back to is the b&w where she is laying on the floor and laughing. Her body position bringing the dress to life. That’s my favourite.

    • Thanks Neha. I don’t often do model/fashion photography. It isn’t my type of thing really but the Franklin college asked me really nicely and laid on lots of champagne and food. It was good fun in the end πŸ™‚

  2. Beautiful shots! I think you really managed to capture the essence of the dress. I really like its design – it’s elegant and simple, very tasteful. Good luck to the designer for tomorrow.

    My favourite photo is the one in black and white in which she’s lying on the floor, laughing – it’s powerful and expressive. I also like the shots that show her back, she’s very graceful in them.
    I wonder how selective desaturation would have worked in some of them – leaving the dress in colour and desaturating everything else, model included.

  3. I think the pictures are very beautiful and you did a great job making the dress look its best! It’s always difficult when you’re on fashion shoots, the photographer and designer are looking for different things. But I think you did a great job πŸ™‚
    And congratulations to the student!

    • Thanks Camilla. I don’t usually do fashion photography so it was fun to experiment a bit. Also I tried to give it my own angle. Anyway, as a result of these pictures a Russian model who saw my work has asked me to do a session with her.

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