8 thoughts on “Festa Veneziana part 11

  1. LOVE this one! Romance and peril…..such drama in the eyes – in my mind they are forbidden lovers escaping those who would rather see them dead than together. On a less dramatic note, I adore the use of black and white as it really enhances the beautiful, intricate textures and patterns – beautiful!!!

    • It was great working with all of them. although they all had masks the expression from the eyes was incredible. And certain hand gestures indicated availability or orientation. Just as it was in Venice 500 years ago. Was quite a history lesson.

      • Hand gestures to indicate availability and orientation would certainly be a useful time-saver in matters of courtship! Haha. In all seriousness, it sounds very interesting, I’m certainly intrigued ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you for sharing your wonderful shots!

  2. This one has to be my favourite of this series so far. Making it b&w enhances their expressions – and the textures – tremendously. Brilliant shot. I’ve never been into Carnival as a celebration, to be honest, but there’s something charming and fascinating about Venetian masks. Maybe it’s their exquisite handicraft, maybe their paradoxical nature – the fact they are supposed to disguise your identity, but in doing so, they expose your soul and most intimate self by revealing your eyes and eyes only.

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