Respect for copyright

I have just found 4 commercial websites using some of my photos without asking my permission. One has even gone so far as to modify one of my pictures to make their logo. I’m a reasonable guy and if someone wants to use one of my non exhibition pictures for non profit and non commercial use, then generally I will give permission. But to just come along and claim my work as their own, is just wrong.


3 thoughts on “Respect for copyright

  1. I agree. I really don’t understand how people, even companies, take the liberty of using other people’s work as if it was their own. Just curious how you found out about it and what actions, if any, did you take. Thanks.

    • With google you can do a reverse search of your images to see if they are being used any place else on the internet. If you use Chrome as your browser, there is a plug-in, so all you have to do is right click on an image to search. With the Swiss company I was able to go directly and speak with the director. They have agreed to buy some of my work for their offices as compensation. With the others I asked them to take my images down which they did.

      • Good idea. Will try it. Thanks.

        I’m glad you were able to get favorable action for your complaints. I really like your work. Thanks again.

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