Is it too strong?

Personally, I love this picture. I know it is a very strong image and not everyone will like it, but the raw energy and facial expression, for me, is fantastic. What do you think?

2 thoughts on “Is it too strong?

  1. My opinion: yes, it’s a strong image, but the strenght is not negative, not “fearful”… I see a lot of good energy, vital determination, stamina and intensity. Life in a full and complete form, strong as strong is just an authentic explotion of life. No apathy in this image – the typical apathy often i find in many part of the contemporary society…

    • Thanks Luca. I try to create strong images, something that will hold the eye and take people on a journey. Even with my nature pictures I want them to have visual impact, beyond just being pretty to look at. My style is also a reflection of who I am as well. I put a lot of myself into my images and I hope that comes across to people. Again, thank you for liking my work.

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